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Modular bellows

The simplest and most economical solution for the protection of mechanical components


The modular bellows consists of 3 basic elements:

The bellows, the end collars and, depending on the length, the necessary connectors between the bellows.

The end collars and connecting pieces are simply pushed onto the bellows. The end collars are provided with a hole in the required connection diameter. This ensures a perfect fit on the flange and a good hold.

The optional connecting piece makes it possible to connect several bellows to obtain the required length.

Modular bellows are available from stock - therefore there are no tooling costs. They are available as standard in NBR, EPDM and in LIFE SILICONE. Other materials are available on request.

The following table gives an overview of the available dimensions:

MaterialCharacteristicsMax. TempColor
NBRMedium weather resistance, very good oil resistance120°Cblack
EPDMExcellent weather resistance, low oil resistance110°Cblack
SiliconeFood safe, very high heat and cold resistance, excellent weather resistance200°Corange