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Customized bellows made of soft PVC

Individual bellows made of soft PVC are produced by the dipping process. In this process, preheated molds are immersed in liquid soft PVC. Depending on the immersion time, a film is formed on the mold in wall thicknesses of 0.5 to approx. 5 mm.

Soft PVC is a thermoplastic that is highly flexible. It has, among other things, very good UV/ozone resistance, good oil and grease resistance and good resistance to cold. Shore hardnesses from 50 to 90 Shore vary in their technical properties.

Our bellows are absolutely leak-proof, can be manufactured cost-effectively in series for small and medium quantities and in all conceivable geometries. We charge tooling costs for custom-made products at cost price, pro rata and on a one-off basis.

We supply bellows in black, matt or glossy, and in all RAL colors. Color combinations are also possible according to customer requirements. Inner diameters from 10 mm to approx. 520 mm can be realized.

Defined hardness ranges can be formed in the combination dipping process. For easier subsequent installation, we supply individual bellows with longitudinal partitioning by means of a zipper. Wire rings on the outside or inside to reinforce the bellows are also possible.

The advantages of soft PVC bellows are:

  •     short delivery times;
  •     very good mechanical properties;
  •     extremely high elongation at break;
  •     very good resistance to UV, ozone and water;
  •     very good resistance to aging
  • good oil and grease resistance;
  • good resistance to cold;
  • good food grade quality;
  • good flame retardant quality;
  • cylindrical, conical or single bellows;
  • Production with matte or glossy surfaces;
  • Reinforcement by wire rings, separable by zippers.

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