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Heat-resistant bellows made of heat protection fabrics

Heat-resistant fabric bellows are made from particularly robust carrier fabric, possibly with a coating (e.g. of Teflon) or with lamination. A wide variety of processes are used, such as winding technology or pressure vulcanization.

Depending on the material used, our bellows impress with their high temperature resistance and their resistance to sparks, metal embers and aggressive chemicals.

Our bellows provide reliable protection when used in steel and forging plants, rolling mills, welding stores, foundries and glassworks - to name just a few areas of application - where they offer protection against dust, scale, welding spatter, metal chips, radiant heat, etc.

We supply bellows for easier subsequent installation with divisions transverse and parallel to the longitudinal axis by means of zipper fasteners, Velcro tape or in nested design. Reinforcements for use with over or under pressures are also possible.

We also offer heat-resistant bellows in a sewn design as disc bellows. This allows you to realize large extension lengths with very small block dimensions for difficult applications at high temperatures.

We supply heat-resistant bellows in individual or series production from the following materials in various thicknesses:

  •     Polyester fabric with PU coating, H/N coating or silicone coating
  •     Kevlar/aramid fabric with Alufix coating or aluminum sheet foil
  •     Panox fabric or thermoglass fabric with Alublech foil
  •     Silontex, Silicatex
  •     Sebatan leather with Alublech foil or without coating
  •     CN - leather with PU coating

The advantages of heat resistant fabric bellows are.

  •     Abrasion and wear resistance, high tear strength;
  •     temperature resistance up to approx. 1000°C;
  •     resistant to weathering, oil and acid;
  •     extremely durable and extremely dimensionally stable;
  •     resistant to sparks, metal embers, aggressive chemicals, hot liquids, etc.; and
  •     fast availability.