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Rubber disc bellows

Rubber disc bellows are made of vulcanized rubber discs (elastomers). The vulcanization of the rubber discs on the inner and outer diameters causes them to form a homogeneous bond, making them inseparable from one another and completely leak-proof. Special care must therefore be taken to ensure appropriate ventilation of the rubber disc bellows.

Rubber disc bellows are manufactured as individual items or in small batches. With wall thicknesses between 0.5 mm and 1.0 mm, they can be used universally and can also be manufactured in special shapes such as oval, hexagonal or octagonal.

We supply rubber disc bellows in the following materials:

    CSM rubber;
    CR rubber fabric;
    NBR rubber;
    EPDM rubber;

With rubber disc bellows you realize large extension ratios up to approx. 1 to 16 and thus a very low ratio between maximum and minimum length. The connections are freely selectable as cuff, flange or in special shapes. Due to the design, you do not incur any molding costs.

For fastening we offer steel or rubber flanges, gauntlets with hose clamps or Velcro fasteners. Possible reinforcements exist through the installation of support discs or sliding bushings. Pull-out stops are also possible.

Because of the absolute tightness, attention should be paid to an appropriate aeration and deaeration by air flaps, air strainers or valves. These will be considered by us according to your requirements.

The advantages of rubber disc bellows:

  •     large pull-out ratio (up to approx. 1:16);
  •     very low ratio between Lmax and Lmin;
  •     uniform, smooth outer contour;
  •     no molding costs;
  •     Connections freely selectable - faceplate or flange;
  • from an inner diameter of 14 mm,
  • up to outer diameter of 500 mm;
  • exact and dimensionally stable folding;
  • good chemical resistance, ozone and UV resistant;
  • long service life;
  • possible reinforcement by support discs and sliding bushes.