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Slideway Protectors and Slideway Covers

Slideway protectors and slideway covers to protect your linear guides against contamination, water and emulsions. They are sewn or welded from polyester fabric with PVC or PU coating or vulcanized from high-quality elastomers. Material laminations, e.g. of Teflon, also provide protection at high temperatures.

Integrated support frames ensure optimum running even at high process speeds. For fastening, we offer steel or PVC flanges or Velcro straps.

Folding aprons

Folding aprons provide good mobile, one-sided protection against dirt, water, and emulsions. We supply folding aprons in quilted, welded or vulcanized design. Additional stabilization or reinforcements are also possible.

Box bellows

Manufacturing according to customer specifications from plastic-coated fabrics and leather.


The advantages of slideway protectors, slideway covers and box bellows:

  •     easy installation, long service life;
  •     high dimensional stability;
  •     Oil and grease resistant;
  •     Heat resistant;
  •     Ozone/UV resistant;
  •     high functional reliability; self-guiding;
  •     Material versatility;
  •     Flexibility and impact resistance;
  •     good appearance and accurate folding.

We also offer camera bellows, roll covers and wipers.